Hydro-Seeding & Sod Installation

Do you need a new lawn or part of your lawn replaced? Many of our clients have required new lawn installations due to new construction, renovation, or repairs that damaged portions of their lawns. Many of these clients choose hydro-seeding over sod once they understand the tradeoffs and benefits of hydro-seeding.

Hydro-seeding is an application of grass seed, fertilizer, lime, and mulch in a slurry mix that is sprayed out onto a prepared seedbed. The components of the mix can be custom blended for each load, mixed with a sophisticated agitation system into a uniform blend, and then sprayed out hydraulically onto the ground. We will customize a mix for you and apply it quickly and evenly, saving you time and money with better results.

Hydro-seeding is the preferred method of seeding, incorporating science with productivity to enhance seed-to-soil contact, moisture retention, and temperature fluctuation. It is the fastest, most cost-effective, and highest quality method of seeding a lawn. New grass typically is showing within 7 days, followed by a well-established lawn within 3-4 weeks.

We use Finn Manufacturing equipment for hydro-seeding. Finn has been in business since 1935 and has developed one of the first hydro-seeders ever used.  We are one of a few contractors in Northeast Pennsylvania using Finn equipment.

Of course, we also install sod upon request. Sod is instant gratification at its finest. Sod is installed quickly and is dependable if adequate irrigation is available.  With sod, you have an instant lawn to enjoy without worry of tracking dirt into the house. It is also not as vulnerable to the dangers of heavy rain or over-watering, which can wash away patches of seed.