Landscape Design

Our clients expect us to design and install remarkable landscapes.  We deliver.

Our full-service capability allows us to both design and construct entire projects from concept to completion.  We provide continuity throughout a design and installation project to ensure client expectations are exceeded, waste is minimized, and costs are controlled.

Designing and installing remarkable landscapes requires knowledge, skill, and experience.  We begin by carefully listening to our clients, studying their property, and developing a unique landscape plan that fits their budget.

Our knowledge of local growing conditions in Northeastern Pennsylvania allows us to help our clients select trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals, bulbs, and turf grasses that will thrive for decades to come. In addition to knowledge of plant material, our understanding of local soils and irrigation requirements becomes highly valuable to increasing plant hardiness while reducing maintenance costs.

Our skill level in design and installation of remarkable landscapes is second to none.

Our experience includes a wide range of design and installation services, from complete landscape packages to small upgrades, and encompassing all aspects of a landscape project, including soil preparation, grading, drainage systems, plant material, turf grass, irrigation systems, walls, walkways, patios, garden features, landscape lighting, and more.

Our experience also covers every type of property, from small residential homes to large private estates, from small apartment buildings to large condominium developments, from small retail stores to large shopping centers, and from small office buildings to large commercial office parks.

Once a project is approved, we begin a systematic installation process, beginning with obtaining required permits and identifying buried utilities.  Site work is then completed, involving drainage courses, irrigation systems, soil amendments, grading, and contouring of the work area.  Construction of hardscape elements occurs next, such as walls, brick-pavers, stone work, patios, fire pits, etc.  Finally, plants and turf grass are carefully installed, using micronutrients, bio-stimulants, and soil conditioners to promote strong and healthy root development.