Landscape Lighting

Is your property dark at night?  Do you feel unsafe when you arrive home after an evening out?  Are your prized landscape plants forgotten when the sun goes down?  If so, low-voltage landscape lighting may be the solution.

We designs and installs landscape lighting systems, using Kichler products.  Kichler is the industry leader in landscape lighting technology, offering accent lighting, focal point lighting, up-lighting and down lighting of trees, as well as deck and patio lighting.  We tailor customer lighting designs to fit our clients’ needs and budgets.

An emerging trend is the creation of outdoor rooms.  Kichler now offers six unique Garden Collections™ with coordinating outdoor fixtures, path lighting, deck lighting, and lighted garden accessories. These collections of exclusively designed fixtures transform a yard into an outdoor living area.

Landscape lighting creates beauty, improves safety, and enhances security. Beauty is the primary focus of all outdoor lighting. Trees, plants, and landscape features become part of a “wonderland by night.” Views are extended and transformed, and living space is stretched for entertaining.

Equally important is safety. Lighting can help direct the flow of traffic, point out steps and changes in elevation, and emphasize potential dangers, like the edge of a pool or pond.

Security adds another level, illuminating entries near doorways, porches, garages, and back walkways, and eliminating dark areas where potential intruders could lurk.