Fertilization Programs

Do you wish your lawn was green, lush, and weed free?  Do you spend your weekends in the garden center or online trying to become a turf grass expert?  Are you ready to partner with us? We have you covered.

Obtaining the lawn you desire is a science.  Our comprehensive lawn care program utilizes the highest quality products available and follows environmentally-friendly practices to protect our world.  Services are performed by State Certified professional technicians.

Our program encompasses a series of 3-7 applications from early spring to late fall.  The number of type of applications will be customized to meet the needs of your property and budget.  We use granular slow release fertilizer on all lawn areas.  We spot treat weeds with environmentally safe herbicides.  We diagnose lawn issues and offer solutions.  We also offer tree and shrub fertilization programs.

Closely related to lawn health is soil compaction and pH.  Soil compaction occurs in all soils but especially where foot traffic is prevalent.  Because of this, we offer core aeration services, which remove a plug (core) of soil to allow air, nutrients, and water to penetrate the turf thatch layer.

In addition, we offer lime applications to increase soil alkalinity (pH). This “sweetening” of the soil improves turf health in clay soils that have high acidity.