Irrigation Systems

Do you enjoy dragging hoses around your yard or spending countless hours on a Saturday adjusting sprinkler heads?  Did you know that today’s high-tech irrigation systems are designed to save you money while providing the supplemental water that your valuable landscape requires?  We have the solutions.

Regardless of the size of your property, an irrigation system is an essential component in keeping your remarkable landscape healthy.  Delivering water when needed to thirsty plants and lawns promotes growth, reduces susceptibility of insects and diseases, and saves money.

We design, install, and maintain custom irrigation systems for residential and commercial properties.  We work with two of the most reliable manufactures of irrigation materials in the industry, Hunter and Rainbird.  Our irrigation systems utilize rain sensors to conserve water and save our clients money. We can even design an irrigation system so it may be programmed or adjusted from a home or office computer.

A newer trend is to utilize drip irrigation systems, which allow water and nutrients to be delivered directly to plant roots. This targeted water application method greatly reduces runoff, leaching, and the wetting of non-targeted areas such as roads, plant leaves, tree trunks, sidewalks, cars, windows, and buildings.

Maintaining an irrigation system typically involves spring startup, seasonal adjustments, and fall winterization.  Because landscapes change from year to year, irrigation systems require corresponding changes to adequately cover all desired areas.  Adding a new head, zone, or changing nozzles to a new pattern is commonplace.  For this purpose, we employ an in-house irrigation technician, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for our clients.