Tree Service

Large trees may often be the most valuable part of a remarkable landscape. They provide shade, privacy, and clean air.  Smaller ornamental trees bring beauty, color, and inspiration.  However, these magnificent specimens are often neglected, causing unsightly and unsafe conditions.

We provide complete tree care services for our clients, according to a defined service program or upon request.  Services are performed by State Certified professional technicians.  A partial list of tree care services is below:

  • Cabling and wiring to secure unsafe branches of mature trees
  • Deep-root fertilization to promote vigor and pest resistance
  • Diagnosis of problems associated with tree appearance, growth, or vitality
  • Elevating low-hanging branches to provide safe access underneath large canopies
  • Insect and disease control to ensure health and longevity
  • Pruning of dead or dangerous limbs
  • Removal of any size tree utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and trained personnel
  • Shaping certain ornamental trees for a more manicured appearance
  • Staking and trunk wrapping to protect young, newly-planted trees
  • Thinning crowns to improve air movement, reduce disease, and promote growth